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Justice Administrative Commission

Human Resources Contact Information

For questions or forms that you know need to be directed to the HR Section, we offer five email groups. These email groups are monitored so that we can provide better and quicker service to our customers:

The Payroll Group email,, is for all things concerning payroll. Examples of what needs to be sent to the Payroll Group email include any kind of Personnel Action Request (PAR), W-4 changes, New Hire Benefits, miscellaneous deduction forms, and any and all questions dealing with an employee’s paycheck. Once JAC receives a Payroll Group email, it is forwarded to the person(s) best suited to process the work or answer your questions.

The Benefits Group email,, is for all things concerning pre-tax benefits. Do you need to know how life events, such as a marriage, birth of a baby, or a divorce, affect your employee benefits and how to handle it? Direct your question to the Benefits Group email.
Enrollment Forms and supporting documentation for those life events (marriage certificate, birth certificate, or divorce decree) should be sent to the Benefits Group email.

The Retirement Group email,, is for all things concerning retirement. And we mean everything! So, if you have the lucky employee who has worked hard and is now ready to retire and you need to help with the retirement application (either Regular or DROP), the Retirement Coordinator email should be your choice. The Retirement Coordinator email is appropriate to get help with SMS Position Designations, Second Elections, Years of Service Credit, and the eligibility of retired employees for reemployment.

The Post-tax benefits email,, is for all things concerning post-tax. Capital Administrative Services, Inc. (CAS) handles the administration of all post-tax benefits. Post-tax benefits include department sponsored insurance and miscellaneous payroll deductions, such as life, disability, credit unions, parking, etc. CAS has a representative who is housed at the JAC and is here to assist you with all of your post-tax benefits needs.

The Request to Fill (Job Postings) email,, is for your advertising needs. If you have a vacancy to fill and would like to take advantage of the free service through the State of Florida job site, please send us a completed Request to Fill Vacancy Form. See our Job Postings page for the Request to Fill Vacancy form and instructions.

The HR Section at JAC is here to help. We encourage you to use the HR group emails to receive the best service possible.