Accounting Services


JAC’s Accounting Section processes disbursement and revenue transactions for the agencies we serve in the areas of: Operations, Due Process, Civil Commitment, and Ordinary Witness Funding Requests. The Accounting Section serves as a liaison between the agencies we serve and the Department of Financial Services. We offer assistance in order to ensure that transactions are timely and accurately processed in compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

JAC’s Accounting Section is comprised of two components; Disbursements and Revenue.

Disbursements processes invoices for the agencies we serve. To be responsible stewards of taxpayers’ dollars, we ensure that all disbursements are processed in accordance with ss. 29.005, 29.006, 40.29, 112.061, 215.422, and 394.910, F.S., and the Reference Guide for State Expenditures.

Revenue is responsible for the classification and coding of receipts, and processing such transactions for the agencies we serve in accordance with s. 116.01, F.S.

Below are pertinent documents, guides, and memos relating to Accounting.



Enterprise-National Car Rental - State Contract Information

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