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JAC is proud to announce the 2017 JAC Training Conference “Connect and Collaborate II” for May 15-18, 2017. Below please find the flyer for the upcoming 2017 JAC Training Conference and the 2017 JAC Training Conference Agenda to be presented. Also below is the 2016 JAC Training Conference agenda indicating the topics presented at the JAC Conference in May 2016. PowerPoint presentations and related handouts discussed at the 2016 conference are available here for printing and viewing.

  2017 JAC Conference Flyer  File Size: 358KB   
  2017 JAC Conference Agenda  File Size: 180KB   
  JAC Conference Agenda - May 2-5 2016  File Size: 155KB   
  2016 Session O - JAC Public Records Policy  File Size: 588KB   

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