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The JAC’s Legal section supervises the review of attorney and due process bills submitted to the JAC for payment. The Legal section also responds to motions and participates in hearings regarding motions for attorney’s fees, due process, and related expenses.

The primary method for submitting pleadings and orders to JAC is through the above email address. A submission to the email address will provide a confirmation of receipt. Pleadings and orders may also be served via fax if you are unable to send to the above email address.

The email address and fax numbers are located in the legal section and are available for submission of motions, notices of hearing, orders on hearings, and orders to pay. It is not necessary to follow up service with a mailed copy. JAC accepts service either by email or by fax to the numbers listed above. Submission to any other email or fax number will not be deemed service on JAC.

Submission is only needed to one contact; duplication of submissions may delay the processing of the motion. Please do not use these contacts to submit other documentation such as contracts.

Except when time is of the essence, a motion for attorney’s fees, due process costs, or related expenses should be served on the JAC for review and response prior to setting a hearing. The JAC will respond to the motion and indicate the JAC’s position on the motion and whether the JAC wishes to participate in the hearing. Motions should be submitted to pleadings@justiceadmin.org or the fax numbers listed in “Contacting Legal”.

In many instances, the JAC will not request a hearing on a motion. In those instances, it is suggested the attorney submit a cover letter, the motion, the JAC’s response, and a proposed order to the trial court for consideration. The trial court can then determine how to proceed based on the nature of the motion and the JAC’s response thereto.

The JAC strives to respond to motions within 5 business days. When expedited responses to motions are necessary, such motions need to be received via email, with the reason for the expedited response noted on the cover sheet to the submission.

It is important to stress that private court-appointed counsel needs to submit the order of appointment and charging document prior to filing any motions on a case. In order for JAC to respond appropriately, the order of appointment and charging documents must be on file with JAC. If the case opening documentation has not previously been submitted, counsel will need to provide these documents along with any motion for attorney’s fees, due process costs, or related expenses.

Notices of hearing must be served on the JAC with a minimum of 5 business days notice via pleadings@justiceadmin.org or the listed fax numbers. If a notice is sent by mail, it needs to be sent so that the JAC will receive it at least 5 business days prior to the date of the hearing.

If an attorney intends to provide less than 5 business days notice, the attorney must contact the JAC legal staff prior to setting the motion for hearing.

Orders to pay may be submitted to pleadings@justiceadmin.org or the legal fax numbers. Please do not send an order to pay to more than one fax number.

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