Compensation and Pay

Employment Verification

The Human Resources section (HR) is responsible for responding to written and verbal employment verification requests. HR does not provide information regarding an employee's continued employment.


Written requests are normally forms sent to HR from banks, credit unions or other financial institutions and include a signed document from the employee giving HR permission to complete the forms with the employee’s salary, employment dates and job title information.


When a bank, credit union or other financial institution calls for a verification of employment, HR routinely asks the caller for the full social security number of the employee. Once HR is able to retrieve the employee's information from People First , employment verification is given to the financial institution. HR does not offer any information, unless it is to correct the hire date that was given to the institution by the employee.


Sometimes a financial institution will call to re-verify that an employee is still active as they are getting ready to close on a loan or similar transaction. In this case, HR will confirm that the person is still employed or that the person has been terminated. The institution may ask the termination date, which HR will provide.

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