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Supplemental Payroll

Supplemental payroll runs on a bi-weekly schedule and the purpose of the supplemental payroll is to process payments that do not normally run on the monthly payroll cycle. Examples include: overtime, leave payouts for terminated employees and any changes that were submitted after the regular monthly payroll run.

Type Rate of Pay
1Period Rate
2Hourly Rate
3Overtime calculated at one (1) time the hours to pay
4Overtime calculated at one & one half (1 1/2) times the hours to pay
7Sick Leave - No retirement calculated

To Calculate Monthly Hourly Rate of Pay

»Take monthly rate of pay (ROP) and divide by number of work hours in the month.
  • Example: $3,000.00 monthly ROP / 184 monthly hours = $16.30 hourly ROP
  • Example: $3,000.00 monthly ROP / 176 monthly hours = $17.05 hourly ROP
  • Example: $3,000.00 monthly ROP / 168 monthly hours = $17.86 hourly ROP

To Calculate the Base Hourly Rate of Pay

»Take the annual salary and divide by 2080.
  • Example: $36,000.00 / 2080 =$17.31

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